Miles is a

UX architect*
based in
Amsterdam NL

UX design and consultancy

I design and lead (co)design processes of online services. From strategy all the way down to pixel level detail... and back again.

Customer focused
I start by understanding your customers and placing their journeys central to effective and easy to use solutions.

With a collaborative approach I help define effective solutions and guide development teams to create customer centric services.

Clients and projects
Rabobank | Achmea | Barclays | Dela | HypotheekVisie | Obvion
Telecom & Media
DeutscheTelekom | BSkyB | Vodafone
EnerygSavingsTrust | HomesAndCommunities Agency | Department of Health
Retail & FMCG
Heineken | AkzoNobel | DouweEgberts | TomTom | Philips

& many others
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Blog: beautiful digital world
A personal scrap book where I collect my observations, experiments and learnings of the changes that are shaping our world. And the role of UX design has, or should have, in helping to shape that 'digital' world.

UX Process and organisation
It takes a good UX process and business proposition to create very simple, very easy and high conversion online services.

See more on UX process >

Get in touch

To discuss how I can help you create the best digital experience for your customers.
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Mail me: miles@uxmiles.com
Blog: Beautiful Digital World

Het kan ook gewoon in het Nederlands

The term UX architect covers:
UX designer, interaction designer, service designer, information architect or user strategist.

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