miles is a
UX Designer
 user experience architect  |  interaction designer  |  information architect
freelance, Amsterdam NL

online user experiences (UX) to achieve business results
up conversion

Persuade and help users to buy or sign up with your great service or fantastic new product.
improve usage

Let your customers really experience and understand the benefits. Stimulate recurring usage by fitting in with their way of working.
online proposition

Start taking your offline service to online by really understanding your customers and place them central to your online offering.
AkzoNobel   B2C concept development | protoyping
Rabobank   investment tools | increase site conversions
T-Mobile   onlineTV | service optimisations
Obvion   comms strategy | visual storytelling | tool redesign
Philips   navigation lighting | global site selection
Barclays   form improvements and UX review
Vodafone   customer self service | mobile wayfinding
Department of Health  improve internal admin
Douwe Egberts   global platform optimisation
DELA   collaborative design process | *best insurance site NL 2012
TomTom   integrated user testing | collaborative design process
Heineken   international B2B and B2C portals
Hypotheekvisie   increase leads | *nominee dutch interaction awards
range of projects

I've worked in various industries from small scale concepts to large scale global systems. Always focused on the user or customer value!
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strategy and concept

Going online means embracing new opportunities online. Getting the basic proposition right first time round is the beste competitive advantage you can get.
many stakeholders

You have a lot of stakeholders with their own wishes and concerns? I have a tried and tested approach of getting them onboard and getting things decided and done.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a prototype is worth 10.000. A protoype makes an idea tangible and easier for all involved to understand and support.
agile development

Detailing and specifications for developers in agile environments. Keep that end-user in mind!
VR & interactive 3d

Interacting in 3d is very different compared to a 2d website. VR is always user centered but not automatically user friendly.
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Originally educated as an architect ( in buildings) I now design digital services. The design process is similar, just the building blocks are different.

I have a broad experience with multi-disciplinary design projects. Often with many stakeholders and differing interests but always focused on the value we can deliver to the user or customer.

Effective user friendly solutions designed to really deliver results.

As UX Designer I take a deep dive into your customers and take an integrated view of your sytems, markets, organisations and stakeholders. To define and guide development of effective user focused online solutions that make a difference to your online business.

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Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
International projects welcome.
Ook voor Nederlandstalige projecten.

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